The Worst Programming Language (it doesn't have a logo yet)

Hello and welcome to my programming language :)

Worst is a simple, malleable programming language built for extensibility and creativity.

It’s simple!

Worst is easy to learn and it isn’t very complicated. All it does is read and evaluate words and data until they run out. Behold!

It’s malleable!

Worst has no reserved words. None of the internals are hidden away. Redefine anything you want!

It’s extensible!

Worst is made out of Lua and smaller bits of Worst. Add or import new features, or use it as a base for your own language.

It’s creativity!

Worst’s flexibility and ease of use make it particularly suitable for doing fun stuff, like perhaps livecoding, graphics, music, or games.

Look at some examples

World Hello

; A little message
define say-hello [
    "Hello, " swap string-append
    "!\n" string-append
"World" say-hello

Hello World

; A little more natural
define hello [ upquote say-hello ]
hello "friend"

Greetings World

; Oh, less natural again, okay
define greetings [ updo hello ]
greetings "earthling"

You can just import new syntax

; Just like your favourite internet script
import syntax/function
function hello(s) { s say-hello }
hello("new syntax")

Another example!

; Multi-value assignment
import syntax/assign
function contrived-example(a b) { a b add a b mul }
[two also-two] := contrived-example(2 2)
two also-two equal? if [
    "2 + 2 = 2 * 2! Amazing!" print
] [ oh no ]