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It's in Rust now

Umm… Worst has been rewritten in Rust. Again.

It compiles to wasm relatively easily, so now it has an experimental online repl.


Subinterpreters, resumable errors, and a nicer REPL

It’s now possible to create and run Worst interpreters from within.

Also, raising an error doesn’t stop execution. It pauses the interpreter – even when in the middle of a Lua function – and passes an error value back to the outer interpreter for it to deal with as it pleases. Resuming the interpreter will then continue as if nothing happened. Of course, there’s nothing forcing it to use error values specifically, and so pause is available to do the same with arbitrary values.

The interactive environment now takes advantage of these additions, resulting in a simpler implementation with nicer whitespace handling that lets you know when more code is required by quote.

Continue reading for the whats, hows, and whys.


Old updates

There’s a literate interpreter written in Racket that serves as a convoluted walkthrough on how it works. It came with an announcement log entry.